Peter Hagen


Peter Hagen

BMus, BMusEd, Soloist Diploma (The Hague)



Peter Hagen majored in piano and harpsichord at Melbourne University. He furthered his harpsichord studies in The Netherlands. In Europe he performed with many chamber music groups as well as diverse instrumentalists and singers. Returning to Australia, he continued performing along similar lines, whilst more recently he has been music director for musicals around his home town of Broadford.

His teaching experience has been at all levels from pre-school to tertiary and private lessons to group lessons. In the contemporary Australian music field he has recorded with Anne Norman (shakuhachi) in a synthesis of Japanese and Western music in collaboration with Melbourne composer Dindy Vaughan and other composers from the Melbourne composers’ League.

Running a successful concert series just north of Melbourne, he is a strong advocate for bringing music and teaching of quality to regional areas. In his hours of leisure, he loves gardening and hiking as well as cross-country skiing and enjoys a good game of chess.

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