Update: COVID-19 Restrictions for the Studio Teacher

The Victorian State Government directive is still in force - if you can stay at home, you must stay at home. While some minor easing of current restrictions came into effect on Tuesday 12 May, the government is still enforcing hygiene and social distancing measures to combat coronavirus. Premier Daniel Andrews has outlined a staged reopening of schools across the state, which will see students transition back to face-to-face learning during the period 26 May to 9 June. In most cases, special conditions will apply including stringent cleaning, monitoring of personal hygiene, social distancing for staff, and parents/carers not being allowed to enter the school grounds.

Therefore, given that schools are being treated separately, with special conditions imposed, it is our advice that teachers working in their own studio continue to offer lessons remotely, regardless of the Premier allowing schools to re-open across the state.

This aligns with best practice and ensures no misinterpretation of the restrictions or any consequences for disregarding them. When the Victorian Government announces a further easing of restrictions, we recommend that the situation be reviewed again. As studio teachers are independent business owners, we can only advise what appears to be the best way to maximise health safety for all concerned, with consideration of the ongoing health risks of utmost importance.

Welcome to the Victorian Music Teachers' Association

The VMTA provides access to professionally qualified and accredited teachers, as well as general advice about music education.

We are the recognised peak body of the instrumental music teaching profession in Victoria, and the place to find a great teacher. Our members are listed on our website and can be found by teaching area and location.

Our overall purpose is to bring together music teaching professionals and to support, facilitate and promote high standards of teaching in Victoria. We encourage music teachers to improve the quality of their teaching while at the same time providing students with access to quality teachers. More broadly, our mission is to foster an appreciation of music in the community.

Our members benefit from a wide range of services including professional development, student performance opportunities and advice. Our recommended teaching rates are used as a benchmark by teachers, employers and the wider community.


“The VMTA has been an important part of my career as a performer and teacher and I am most grateful for the opportunity. It is my sincere belief that all qualified teachers should be a member of a professional organisation such as VMTA”.
Michael Smith, BEd (Mus), AMusA, MIMT, ANZCA Music Examiner


Latest News

Notice of AGM 2020

Notice of AGM 2020

The Annual General Meeting of the VMTA will be held on Wednesday 22 July 2020 at 7:30pm online via Zoom meeting. Registration is required.
Responding to COVID-19

Responding to COVID-19

Suggested resources and information for teachers including how to deliver online lessons.


Positive Education

Positive Education

Free webinar 28 May at 7.30pm. How to incorporate positive psychology in your teaching practice for improved student confidence and well being.
Webinar Series 2020

Webinar Series 2020

The VMTA Webinar Series 2020 offers valuable online learning for instrumental music teachers working in a school setting or the private studio.

Victorian Music Teachers' Association

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Victorian Music Teachers' Association
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Quality Teaching
By Quality Teachers
We provide access to qualified and experienced music teachers and accompanists who have met rigorous criteria in order to become members of our association. We also offer independent advice to the general public on how to find a music teacher, and on matters relating to music and music education. Our fully accredited members have achieved formal qualifications in music and have taught for a minimum of 3 years. All VMTA members have reached a high standard in the instrument they teach, and their credentials, including references, are checked prior to their membership being approved.


Supporting and Promoting
Excellence in Music Teaching
We support our members and the music teaching profession by providing a range of services. This includes professional development events such as conferences and workshops and general advice. In addition to being listed on our website, members receive discounted attendance at our events, the monthly eNews, networking opportunities and ongoing support. Students of VMTA members can participate in our regular student concerts and have access to masterclasses, prizes and awards to support them in their musical journey.


The Voice of the Music Teaching
Profession in Victoria
We are committed to promoting high standards of music teaching in Victoria. We support and uphold professional standards in music teaching delivered by suitably qualified teachers. We believe that all music teachers should have ongoing access to professional development, support and advice. Our recommended teaching rates are used by the music teaching profession and set a benchmark in the industry. Where appropriate, we speak on behalf of our members and the broader education sector and comment on policies and issues that arise.

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