VIT Circular Issue 8 Instrumental Music Teachers in Schools

VIT Circular Issue 8 : Instrumental Music Teachers in Schools

The VMTA encourages members to become familiar with recent information from the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT) relating to the employment status of instrumental music teachers in schools. 

Click here to read the VIT circular Issue 8 November 2018.

The following may be of interest and is reproduced from aMuse MusicMail, 7 Feb 2019, as posted by ASME (Victoria):

"ASME (Victoria) is currently discussing the problem facing many instrumental teachers in regard to the status of their appointment.  Increasingly, at the conclusion of teaching contracts, the category of the position is changed by school administrators from Teacher to Educational Support Staff (ESS), one that does not require teacher registration and is based on a lower pay scale than that of a classified teacher.

Last month the VIT published information on this matter which ASME recommends that teachers read in order to become familiar with the roles and responsibilities of both music teachers and music tutors. Teachers should feel encouraged to speak to their Principal, Music Coordinator and/or union if seeking further clarification or to take this matter further.

Increasingly, the roles of Instrumental Music Teacher and Instrumental Music Instructor are vague, and schools need support in understanding when they should employ a person with a teaching qualification (and VIT registration), and when they can employ a person as Education Support Staff (ESS). The work expectations, legal responsibilities, duty of care and pay scale differ greatly between the two, and we applaud the recent VIT Advisory to Principals clarifying these two positions.

The ASME (Vic) Chapter Council would be pleased to hear from anyone on this matter as it plans to investigate this problem in greater detail when it resumes monthly meetings in February."

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