Premium Profiles for VMTA Members Listed on Website

Enhance your online presence, promote your teaching services, and help prospective students find you with a Premium Profile on our ‘Find a Music Teacher’ Website Directory.

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Do you have a Premium Profile?
If you are an individual member and are listed on the website, you can now purchase an optional Premium Profile as an extension to your basic listing. A Premium Profile enables you to stand out in search results and helps prospective students find you. With a Premium Profile you can write up to 500 words about your teaching services and you can upload a photo of yourself.

How to purchase a Premium Profile
Premium Profiles can be purchased for a one-off cost of $50 and no longer need to be renewed each year. If you don’t already have a Premium Profile, you can purchase one at any stage by logging into your account via our website and selecting My Account/Account Options/Edit Account Details/Purchase Premium Profile. Once you have purchased your Premium Profile it will remain in place for as long as your membership remains active. 

If you need assistance logging into your account please contact us by email or phone 03 5243 4200.

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