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VMTA End of Year Celebration: In Review

On Sunday 24 November VMTA members, new Forty Plus members, Board Directors, Management, Volunteers, Guest Speakers and partners gathered together at Limerick Arms Hotel, South Melbourne to celebrate the end of the year. 

Call and Response – First Steps to Improvisation 

Our lesson content often comes from what engages the student most: music they are interested in or excited to explore. This article is a great entry point for instrumental music teachers to support student creativity and unpack the basics of improvisation. 

Antidotes for Performance Anxiety

Performance outcomes are an important element of learning and honing your craft as a young musician, but nerves can get the better of you. These tips provide an excellent source for instrumental music teachers whose students are too afraid to demonstrate their growing skills in a performance setting. 

Use A Stopwatch, Not A Timer – Practice Tips For The Modern Musician Part 1

Motivating students to practise can be difficult, and ensuring they do so efficiently and effectively, even more so. This article does a great job of aligning readily accessible technology for our students, with good practice habits, and particularly what it can teach our students about transferable skills. 

Neuroscience and Music Education: Why What We Do Is So Important

The links between Neuroscience and Music Education are important to highlight, both for advocacy and to develop our best teaching practice. When we begin to understand that the brain has very specific networks for learning and music processing, and that these networks are highly sensitive to instruction and experience, we can be confident that what we do as IMTs, particularly if it comes from such a considered approach, can have a lasting impact on our students.

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Victorian Music Teachers' Association

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Victorian Music Teachers' Association
Victorian Music Teachers' Association4 days ago
The esteemed Australian horn player, who enjoyed an important international career, has died at the age of 88.
Victorian Music Teachers' Association
Victorian Music Teachers' Association6 days ago
Are you a VMTA member who has been directly affected by the current bushfires? If so, please feel free to get in touch with us by email at vmta@vmta.org.au.
Victorian Music Teachers' Association
Victorian Music Teachers' Association6 days ago
Resound is organising donations of musical instruments to teachers, students and musicians of all ages and ability who have lost instruments in the recent bushfires. The Resound Bushfire Appeal is a program of The Music Trust which is a non-profit charitable trust and was first established for the 2009 Victorian bushfires. Whether the lost instrument was a $30 uke or a violin worth thousands, as part of the recovery we know how important it is to enable musicians to play again. Donors and recipients can apply at www.resound.org.au.

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