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A Musical Missionary: The Life and Music of Dulcie Holland

This long overdue book about one of Australia’s most prominent female composers will have broad appeal for anyone interested in Australian music.

Vale Sonny Chua

Last week we heard the very sad news that we have suddenly lost another highly regarded pianist, composer and music educator. Most of you will have heard of Sonny and piano teachers everywhere have used his innovative unique compositions with their students.

Tribute to Jovanni-Rey De Pedro

The Measure of a Man: a tribute to Jovanni-Rey De Pedro by Wendy Edwards Beardall-Norton with introduction by Josie Thomas, President, VMTA.

Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse or Physical Injury Policy and Procedures – Victoria 

Our profession means we are well placed to observe signs or indicators of abuse or neglect. Awareness and compliance with Child Safety & Mandatory Reporting programs are crucial no matter whether you teach within a school or operate from a home studio. This policy provides information regarding the inception of these Child Safety Standards and the commission that catalysed them. While only VIT registered teachers are classified as mandatory reporters, all educators have a professional obligation to be aware of these policies and standards. 

Online Teaching for Instrumental Music Teachers: A Step-by-Step Guide

Fri 3 April from 11am-12:30pm (AEDT). Free webinar covering everything you need to know, step-by-step.

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Victorian Music Teachers' Association
Victorian Music Teachers' Association2 days ago
Great news for NSW. Music Education Alliance Victoria continues to work hard to lobby for the full return of music in school and community settings. Much more is still to be achieved but hopefully the NSW example will lead the way for Victoria.
Victorian Music Teachers' Association
Victorian Music Teachers' Association2 days ago
Wacky Wednesday - who'd have thought we'd need less cowbell? 😆
Victorian Music Teachers' Association
Victorian Music Teachers' Association3 days ago
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