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Wendy Brentnall
Main Areas Taught
Piano, Theory, Musicianship, Harmony, Counterpoint
Also Teaches
Keyboard, Classical Guitar, Guitar, Clarinet, Recorder, Flute, Saxophone, Drum Kit, Percussion, Trumpet, Trombone, Singing
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Address: Rushworth VIC
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Wendy's Music School
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Wendy Brentnall-Wood

Wendy teaches in local schools and her home studio in the Rushworth area.

Wendy also has a team of Music teachers of many instruments and courses around Australia who she mentors and administers. You can see all available teachers, their location and even book a trial through her website www.wendysmusic.com.au.

Lessons are available in Teacher’s Homes, student’s homes and online via Skype.

Lessons are very flexible with payments made weekly, so you have the ability to choose which weeks suit you for lessons.

Wendy’s Bio

Wendy Brentnall-Wood is the founder and CEO of Wendy’s Music Pty Ltd and Wendy’s Music Franchising Pty Ltd– a long established music education business based in Victoria, Australia.  Wendy has an extensive professional background (playing no less than a dozen different instruments) and family pedigree in music – her first love. Wendy’s impressive resume is evidence of her entrepreneurial skills and business acumen.

Born in rural Victoria, Wendy comes from a musical family that includes self-taught country musicians on her father’s side and classically trained musicians on her mother’s side.  Wendy’s Great Grandfather was the well known Cornish singer Thomas Burgin who migrated to Victoria around 1888. Her mother’s family were well known in Ballarat and in Melbourne’s north eastern suburb of Heidelberg with Wendy’s grandfather conducting the Heidelberg Choral Society and Southern Choral Society for many years winning numerous South Street trophies and touring the UK..  Her maternal grandparents were both accomplished singers and her pianist mother encouraged Wendy’s musical ability from a young age.

Wendy’s family later moved to the Banyule area (north east Melbourne) where she attended Ivanhoe East Primary School, Banyule High School and Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School starting piano lessons at 8 from her maternal Aunt Wilma Jennings, while also learning the recorder and singing in the choir.  This was followed by clarinet, oboe, guitar and percussion at high school while later taking up violin, flute, drums and saxophone to varying levels.

As well as her degree in Music Education, Wendy has an Associate Diploma of Music (AMEB) Piano and is a qualified ANZCA Examiner (multiple instruments), Teacher Trainer,Adjudicator,Speaker and Mentor to other Music teachers. In addition to her musical heritage, Wendy’s family has a long line of entrepreneurs and business owners.Wendy’s three siblings all have their own businesses in finance, medical and arts areas, her father ran his own building and construction business as did his father before him. Wendy’s Maternal grandfather was also an owner operator in manufacturing

Wendy first began teaching privately in homes to put herself through university. After several years in the classroom,she then opened her first retail music school in Burgundy street, Heidelberg in 1985 known as Wendy’s Piano Music and from there ran the Heidelberg Piano Eisteddfod for three years.  She eventually wrote her own series of over 100 books and other teaching materials that make learning to read music simple and structured and which form the unique Wendy’s Music method, the Little Musos program and in addition to other workshop programs. 


Wendy has experience in classroom primary and secondary classroom music, preschool classes in addition to instrumental lessons in schools, studios and privately face to face and online. Teaching and Co-ordinator positions include Santa Maria College Northcote, Marcellin College Bulleen, CLC College Eltham, Viewbank Primary and numerous primary schools in Melbourne for instrumental teaching. Her business grew from her home private teaching to over 30 primary schools around Metro Melbourne and with a team of around 30 teachers and admin staff. Wendy then franchised her school programs in 2000. After also running no less than four different music and retail studios in north eastern Melbourne, Wendy is now developing an online business model and including now establishing the online music directory Book My Music Lessons.

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