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Piano Lessons Plus

Background, Skills & Experience

My teaching experience covers a very wide range of ages and subjects. I have been a classroom teacher and a specialist in schools, covering all social levels, from Prep to Year 12. I began with Preschool in a voluntary capacity.

I am a trained Primary teacher, with Grade teaching experience and I also completed a Bachelor of Music Education at the University of Melbourne, majoring in piano. This degree included a Diploma of Education enabling me to teach at a Secondary level.

I’ve taught VCE Music Performance, Social Studies, Health and Classroom Music in many secondary schools.  As well, I have been a music specialist and librarian in Primary schools. Having worked in schools for so long has given me a wide range of skills. I have initiated and coordinated both instrumental and general music programs. Being passionate about the many benefits of music in general, I have been involved in several projects promoting the importance of developing music education.

For many years, I also performed with The Melbourne Chorale Chamber Singers, now absorbed into the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Chorus, and was privileged to work under many great conductors such as the late Christopher Hogwood.

Piano Lessons Plus

In 2008, I opened my private studio for piano tuition, Piano Lessons Plus. Since then I have relished the experience of helping young and old make music.

Levels & Ages Taught
I specialize in teaching beginners and intermediate students. Adults are welcome.

My Approach to Teaching
Encouraging creativity is one of the aspects I focus on. All students are given the opportunity to do that as well as improvise in a range of styles. I use a wide range of aids and activities to engage students. I provide challenges that encompass a wide range of music skills. Students choose a theme (Dragon, Space or Pirate)  and mark off each activity on a chart upon completion, with their chosen icon.

Performance Opportunities
Many of my students participate in the Hal Leonard 40 Piece Challenge. I have formal concerts twice a year, an occasional informal Music Party and encourage students to perform in the VMTA Student Concerts when they are ready. Students are also encouraged to perform elsewhere such as school, parties, nursing homes and so on.

Children’s Books 

I have now expanded into writing children’s picture books with a music and indeed all arts theme. The focus is on participation and creation. My first book is called “Sounds Magic”. Jocelyn Kotchie and Lorraine Milne have written songs about the book. The sheet music is available for free from my writing website.

Examination Opportunities
Students who wish to do examinations, regularly obtain distinction results. At this stage, I have only entered students with the AMEB, both Piano and Piano for Leisure. In 2020, I will be looking at other Examination Boards as well.

Studio Hours
The studio hours are from 3.30pm to early evening, Monday to Thursday.

A few vacancies are now available on a Tuesday afternoon. Please email or call me.

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