Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse or Physical Injury Policy and Procedures – Victoria 

Mandatory Reporting of Child Sexual Abuse or Physical Injury Policy and Procedures - Victoria 

by Anglican Schools Commission
Originally published on the Child Abuse Royal Commission website
October 2016

Introduction by Lyn Spiteri, June 2020

Our profession means we are well placed to observe signs or indicators of abuse or neglect. Awareness and compliance with Child Safety & Mandatory Reporting programs are crucial no matter whether you teach within a school or operate from a home studio.

This policy provides information regarding the inception of these Child Safety Standards and the commission that catalysed them. While only VIT registered teachers are classified as mandatory reporters, all educators have a professional obligation to be aware of these policies and standards. 


The Anglican Schools Commission (ASC) has developed this policy and procedures document in line with the requirements of the Children, Youth and Families Act 2005 (Victoria). Its aim is to assist Principals, teachers and other school staff to deal appropriately with the mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse or physical injury. All children have a right to be protected from harm and all school staff have a duty of care to students during school hours and at other times when staff/student relationships exist. 

This policy is designed to be read in conjunction with the Child Safe Policy – Victoria and the Reporting of Abuse and Neglect Policy and Procedures – Victoria. 

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