Inclusive Music Teaching: Supporting Diverse Learners to Thrive


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Special Needs Education

For instrumental, voice, classroom music and ensemble teachers 

Inclusive Music Teaching: Supporting Diverse Learners to Thrive 

Presented by Dr Grace Thompson
Music Therapist & Senior Lecturer @ Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, The University of Melbourne

Date: Tuesday 17 November
Time: 7:30pm (AEDT)
Location: Online via Zoom


PD Certificate Provided

Key Points

  • Gain an overview of pedagogical approaches that best support diverse students, particularly those on the autism spectrum or who have ADHD
  • Learn ways to structure music lessons to suit a range of student learning styles
  • Gain an understanding of how to work with the strengths of students with ADHD and those on the autism spectrum
  • Learn basic strategies for how to apply special education teaching principles to online learning contexts


Music participation can have a powerful impact on the lives of people on the autism spectrum and those with other neurodivergent conditions such as ADHD. Australia has some 11,000 music teachers but just a small number advertise themselves as being open to teaching students with special needs.

Public awareness of the benefits music education can have on students’ academic performance and social connectedness is high, and therefore many individuals with special needs are seeking music education. It is vital that music teachers have the skills and confidence to teach a diverse range of learners so that music education is made accessible to more people.

In this webinar, Dr Grace Thompson will share her knowledge of music pedagogy for diverse learners, with an emphasis on teaching students on the autism spectrum and those with ADHD. You will gain practical ideas and strategies that can be applied to your teaching practice in either studio, classroom, or ensemble contexts. These general principles are therefore relevant to teachers of all instruments.

There will be a Q&A session towards the end of the webinar, giving attendees an opportunity to ask questions. After you have watched the webinar, you will be able to download a PD certificate, and you will be sent a link to the recording.

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Genevieve Newton
Victorian Music Teachers' Association
T: (03) 5243 4200

About the Presenter

Dr Grace Thompson is a music therapist and senior lecturer at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, The University of Melbourne. Grace has worked with children, young people and families for over 20 years within the early childhood intervention and special education sector. Her PhD and ongoing research centres around deeply understanding how music participation can foster social connection through designing accessible music experiences. Grace is past president of the Australian Music Therapy Association and co-editor of the book ‘Music Therapy with Families: Therapeutic Approaches and Theoretical Perspectives’. She is currently an Associate Editor with the Nordic Journal of Music Therapy.



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