Demystifying the Double Tongue Technique

Demystifying the Double Tongue Technique

By Raquel Rodriquez
Published April 7, 2018

Introduction by Lyn Spiteri, VMTA Board, September 2019:

For any brass tutors among our membership, this will give you some useful tips. In addition, this article would be a great resource for any of us who find ourselves taking ensembles with brass players or working within concert band programs.


Articulation is something that brass players must practice on a daily basis. There are many types of articulation, legato to staccato, that help determine style. Additionally, speed is another aspect that must be practiced. After a certain tempo, single tonguing (just using a “T” syllable) is not feasible due to the fast tempo. Brass players have a technique called double and triple tonguing to assist with articulating notes at fast tempos. Lastly, syncing (aligning) the fingers and tongue at different tempi is another technique that must be practiced.

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