Call and Response – First Steps to Improvisation 

Call and Response - First Steps to Improvisation 

by Thomas Graham
Originally published on
October 13, 2019

Introduction by Lyn Spiteri, November 2019:

Our lesson content often comes from what engages the student most: music they are interested in or excited to explore. This article is a great entry point for instrumental music teachers to support student creativity and unpack the basics of improvisation. 


The National Core Arts Standards, adopted in 2014, feature four categories for student experiences in art education: Creating, Performing/Presenting/Producing, Responding, and Connecting. As band directors, we generally do a great job with the last three categories, but in performance-based classes, creativity is often limited. Improvisation is a great way to introduce creativity into the band room. Through the spontaneous production of musical ideas, students can participate in both the Creating and Performing/Presenting/Producing categories simultaneously. 

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