Positive Instruction in Music Studios: Introducing a New Model for Teaching Studio Music in Schools Based upon Positive Psychology

Positive Education brings together many pedagogical initiatives, including Positive Psychology and best practice teaching, in order to encourage school communities to flourish. This approach fosters positive well-being, builds emotional resilience and strengthens the relationships and mindsets of students. Music as a discipline area is perfectly positioned to align with the tenets of Positive Education and support ongoing positive mental and emotional health. This article explores the intersection of school studio-music pedagogy and positive psychology in order to enhance students’ learning and engagement.

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APPC19 Victorian Delegates

The 2019 biennial Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference, held in Brisbane from 8-12 July 2019, was once more full of ideas and information to improve our teaching. In addition, we were treated to several very fine concerts. The campus is like a magnificent spacious botanical park and the new auditorium in the Advanced Engineering Building was a superb space to hear the keynote speakers and most of the concerts. All with the background of a lakeside view behind the stage.

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The Most Advanced Instrument of its Kind

In May this year, VMTA members were treated to a VIP event with New York based pianist and composer Dan Tepfer at the Yamaha Premium Piano Centre in South Melbourne. Using Yamaha’s Disklavier piano as his only instrument, Tepfer performed all 11 pieces from his new album Natural Machines – improvisations interacting with computer programs he’s invented on Yamaha’s Disklavier.

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