Annual Membership Fees

All membership and subscription fees include GST.


Membership / Subscription Type

Full and Associate Membership - Metropolitan $129
Full and Associate Membership - Regional $82
Graduate Membership $72
Student Membership $32
School Membership $155
Affiliate Organisation Membership $155
40 Plus - Metropolitan $82
40 Plus - Regional $70
Magazine Subscription - within Australia $40
Magazine Subscription - Overseas $55
Membership Joining Fee $35


  • '40 Plus' membership is for members who have been a member continuously for 40 years or more. In 2017, Forty Plus members will no longer be charged a single rate. Forty Plus members who live in metropolitan Melbourne will be charged the regional member rate, and Forty Plus members who live in regional Victoria will receive a further reduction in fees.
  • Membership fees increase by the CPI each year and are agreed by Council at the Annual General Meeting.

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