Annual Membership Fees

Individual Membership Fees 2021

In 2021, there will be no increase in individual membership fees.
This decision reflects the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on individual teachers who rely on casual employment.

School Membership Fees 2021

School membership fees have increased to reflect the wide range of benefits offered to all teachers at the school including free webinars.

Fees are tiered according to size of school as follows:

Tier 1: less than 500 students: $190
Tier 2: 500-1500 students: $240
Tier 3: 1500+ students: $280

All figures include GST.

Annual Membership Fees


Full and Associate Membership - Metropolitan $138
Full and Associate Membership - Regional $88
Graduate Membership $78
Student Membership $35
School Membership Tier 1 (less than 500 students) $190
School Membership Tier 2 (500-1500 students) $240
School Membership Tier 3 (1500+ students) $280
Affiliate Organisation Membership $190
'40 Plus' (member for 40 or more years) - Metropolitan $88
'40 Plus' (member for 40 or more years) - Regional $76
Publication Subscription (includes monthly eNews & updates) $45
Membership Application or Rejoining Fee $50
Premium Profile for Members Listed on Website $50


  • ’40 Plus’ membership applies to members who have been a member continuously for 40 years or more. From 2017, Forty Plus members will no longer be charged a single rate. Forty Plus members who live in metropolitan Melbourne will be charged a Forty Plus Metropolitan Member rate, and Forty Plus members who live in regional Victoria will be charged a Forty Plus Regional Member rate.
  • Membership fees increase by the CPI each year and are agreed by the Board of Directors.
  • Premium Profile is optional and includes 500 word biography and photo upload. On-off cost of $50 and valid for life of membership.
  • Application fee of $50 is payable on application to cover processing and administration time. Non-refundable unless your application is not approved.
  • Membership fees are charged per calendar year Jan-Dec. New members whose applications are approved prior to 30 June will be asked to pay the full fee. New members whose applications are approved between 1 July-30 September will receive a 50% discount. New members whose applications are approved between 1 October-31 December will be invoiced in advance for the following calendar year and will receive a 100% discount on the remainder of the current year.

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