Affiliated Organisations

Affiliated Organisations

We are proud to be associated with the following Affiliated Organisation Members:

AMEB (Federal Office)
AMEB (Vic)
ANZCA Music Examinations

Hal Leonard Australia

St Cecilia Music Examinations

The St Cecilia Examination system was developed in the early 1970’s to complement a rapidly growing music teaching school in Tasmania. Since then, St Cecilia has become established in many towns and cities throughout Australia as well as New Zealand, Hong Kong, India, Italy and Malaysia. Being a very pro-active and innovative organisation, St Cecilia has led the way to improve the image of music education and examinations. As a result, more opportunities for students and teachers have arisen. St. Cecilia offers Grade, Concert Certificate and Recital Certificate examinations as well as Diplomas in teaching and performance for nearly all principal instruments, singing and theoretical subjects. The Certificate of Performing Arts as well as the Certificate of Music Teaching is also available. With the changing face of music education and performance, St Cecilia is well-equipped to progress successfully and confidently into the future. Further details can be found on our comprehensive website or by contacting our head office on 1800 675 292.

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