Josie Thomas

President & Board Director

Josie Thomas

BMus Ed (Melb), Cert Teach (Primary), Cert Singing (Primary Teaching)

Josie Thomas was born in the Netherlands and migrated to Australia with her family in the 1950s. She was initially taught piano by her sister, during which time she qualified as a Primary Teacher.

Josie was fortunate to have met the young Stephen McIntyre who accompanied the local parish choir for a while. Rehearsals were held in her family home. This exciting experience led Josie to a greater interest in developing her piano skills and specializing in music education.

After obtaining her Singing Teachers Certificate (Primary), Josie joined the Department of Education’s Music Branch as an itinerant music teacher. Wishing to further develop her knowledge and skills, Josie enrolled in a BMus Ed (Melb University). She majored in piano, studying with Vera Bradford, a pupil of Percy Grainger.

Josie also studied singing with Viola Morris. Upon completion of her degree, she joined the Melbourne Chorale Chamber Singers under Val Pyers and later Graham Abbott, in which she performed at the opening concert of Hamer Hall in 1982 and numerous concerts since then. Amongst the many notable conductors was Christopher Hogwood.

Over the years, Josie has taught classroom music and other subjects in many different schools covering all social backgrounds. She has held Music Coordination positions, initiated instrumental programs and has taught every level from Preschool to Year 12 in one capacity or another. In 2007, Josie opened her own successful private piano studio where she specializes in teaching beginners and intermediate students.

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