Useful Information for Teachers

VMTA Handbook for Instrumental Music Teachers



Contents include:

  • Working Conditions: Categories of Instrumental Music Teaching
  • Terms & Conditions of Employment in Schools
  • Terms & Conditions of the Studio Teacher
  • Financial & Record Management
  • Industry Requirements: VIT Registration, Working with Children Check, Child Safety Standards, Mandatory Reporting
  • Insurance: Public Liability, Professional Indemnity, Income Protection, Equipment, Insurance Providers
  • VMTA Professional Learning, Membership Types, Membership Benefits, Governance
  • VMTA Member Code of Ethics
  • Lesson Enrolment Form & Contract
  • Confidentiality of Information Relating to Child Protection Matters Policy
  • Child Safety Code of Conduct
  • Mandatory Reporting Policy
  • Teacher and Student Professional Boundaries Policy

Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT)

VIT Registration & Permission to Teach

The following links provide information about the VIT's policy regarding the employment of Instrumental Music Teachers (IMTs) in Schools including:

  • Music teacher duties
  • Music instructor duties
  • VIT Registration for qualified teachers
  • VIT Permission to Teach for non-qualified teachers carrying out the duties of a teacher

Teachers are advised to contact the VIT directly, or the school at which they are employed, for further information.

Changes to Wireless Audio Transmitters Including Wireless Microphones (ACMA)

  • Operation of wireless audio transmitters within the frequency range 694-820MHz will be illegal from January 1, 2015.
  • These changes may affect school assemblies, university lectures, live music performances and conferences.
  • More information is available in this brochure or online.

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