Tribute to Jovanni-Rey De Pedro

The Measure of a Man

by Josie Thomas
VMTA President
August 2020

We heard of the tragic untimely passing away of Jovanni-Rey De Pedro in August 2019. Many teachers have attended his recitals, masterclasses and workshops and had the privilege of interacting with him. I first met him when he was a guest recitalist at the Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference (APPC) in Wagga Wagga in 2011.

I was much impressed by the humility of this man and his easy relaxed manner connecting with the delegates. This giving characteristic came out superbly in his playing and teaching.

At the Toowoomba APPC in 2013, we were treated to Jovanni playing the opening recital and presenting a masterclass. At the 2017 Melbourne APPC, Jovanni played Jocelyn Kotchie’s A Right Royal Flush, commissioned by him. He particularly loved ‘Sweet Lavender”.

Besides being a gifted pianist and wonderful educator, his generosity extended into third world countries. He established the Mélange International Music Foundation, bringing music education opportunities to children who otherwise may never have had the chance. It was while travelling through Africa, ministering to this charity, that he fatally contracted malaria.

Wendy and Christopher Norton knew Jovanni well and held him in the highest regard. Please enjoy Wendy’s tribute to this generous, sensitive human being and musician.

The Measure of a Man
A tribute to Jovanni-Rey De Pedro by Wendy Edwards Beardall-Norton

A Right Royal Flush by Jocelyn Kotchie
Commissioned by Jovanni-Rey De Pedro for APPC2015 (Melbourne)

Piano Sonata by Christopher Norton
Commissioned by Jovanni-Rey De Pedro

Teaching Demonstration
NCKP 2017

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