Neuroscience and Music Education: Why What We Do Is So Important

Neuroscience and Music Education: Why What We Do Is So Important

By Missy Strong
From SmartMusic, The Music Educator Blog,
Published online July 9, 2019

Introduction by Lyn Spiteri, VMTA Board, October 2019:

The links between Neuroscience and Music Education are important to highlight, both for advocacy and to develop our best teaching practice. When we begin to understand that the brain has very specific networks for learning and music processing, and that these networks are highly sensitive to instruction and experience, we can be confident that what we do as IMTs, particularly if it comes from such a considered approach, can have a lasting impact on our students.


Music teachers are busy folks. Why take the time to learn about the brain when it’s hard to find 15 minutes to eat lunch? How can our music classrooms, rehearsal halls, or private studios benefit if we take time to learn about brain function and neuroscientific research? I want to suggest that, while real, rigorous investigation of the brain is best left to neuroscientists, it is both fascinating and beneficial for us to become acquainted with the basic workings of the brain and how they impact learning. 

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