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Pixie Chong
M-TESOL (Melb), Grad Dip Ed (ACU), BA (Music) (Kent, USA), LTCL (Clarinet), ATCL (Piano), Kodaly (Level 2 Primary)
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Address: Pascoe Vale South VIC

Music has always been a part of my life, bringing with it a richness beyond measure. As a musician I have played with a wide variety of ensembles; as a teacher I have delighted in teaching both classroom music in schools, as well as private music sessions. My students range widely in age.  I thrive at sharing their challenges, listening to their goals and helping to shape their repertoire accordingly. Reading and technique form the basis of my teaching, but I also set aside time for aural training, rhythm and music games where appropriate because they are a vital part of music education – and because they often add an element of fun to a lesson.

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