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Full member: A teacher who has been fully accredited by the VMTA
Associate member: A teacher who has met basic criteria for membership
Graduate member: A teacher who is a recent graduate of an approved tertiary course in music and/or teaching
Student member: A teacher who is a student of an approved tertiary course in music and/or teaching

All our members are professional music teachers or accompanists who have met rigorous criteria for membership, have achieved a high level of performance in the instrument taught or area provided, and have been reference checked. For more information about the VMTA and its members, please see Information for Parents and Students.
Working with Children Check and VIT Registration
It is the responsibility of teachers to have a valid Working with Children Check from the Department of Justice or proof of registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (VIT). Prior to engaging a music teacher, parents and students are encouraged to check with the individual teacher regarding their WCC or VIT status. Evidence of WWC and VIT status can be produced via an official card that is held by the teacher. The VMTA accepts no responsibility for teachers who do not have a current and valid Working with Children Check or VIT registration.

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IMPORTANT NOTICE: Responding to COVID-19: Online Teaching & Learning

The VMTA is actively supporting its members in their transition to teaching online. Many of our members have already made the transition and are very well equipped to apply their high level teaching & performance skills to an online learning platform.

VMTA is providing  ongoing information and resources to our members, as well as delivering professional development to teachers through our webinar program. This includes information about software choices, equipment requirements, physical space set up, creative solutions for students, adaptable teaching approaches and Child Safety/Privacy guidelines.

During this unprecedented crisis, the VMTA would like to highlight the importance of continuing with music education in order to maintain learning consistency, musical development, health and wellbeing. We encourage you to contact any of our members to discuss how you or your child can learn music online.

For more information regarding the support VMTA is providing to teachers, please visit

How to Find a Music Teacher

You can search by instrument/method, address/suburb/postcode, and distance from location in any combination. If you are looking for a specific teacher you can enter their name (must be a VMTA member). When searching by a person’s name, you can enter their first name, or surname, or full name. The system is not case sensitive.

How to Find a Piano Accompanist

To find a Piano Accompanist you can select 'Only Show Accompanists'

Alternatively, you can visit

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