Role & Aims


The VMTA is an independent professional association representing the interests of studio music teachers in Victoria. 

Aims of the VMTA:

  • to bring together persons associated with the music teaching profession
  • to encourage and assist in establishing and promoting high standards of music teaching in Victoria
  • to encourage music teachers to improve the quality of their teaching
  • to offer professional development opportunities for teachers and their students through lectures, performances, workshops and masterclasses
  • to comment as appropriate upon matters relating to or affecting music and music teacher training
  • to protect and advance the professional interests of members of the Association without prejudice
  • to foster and extend the appreciation of music in the community


The Constitution of the Victorian Music Teachers' Association allows a maximum of 12 Council Members. The Executive Council comprises the President, Vice-President and Treasurer. Council members support the planning and running of VMTA events in an honorary capacity. 


Julie Haskell - President
Genevieve Newton - General Manager


The VMTA offers the following types of membership:

  • Full
  • Associate 
  • Student 
  • Graduate 
  • School 
  • Affiliate Organisation

The VMTA has approximately 750 members.


The Victorian Music Teachers' Association was established in 1928. It was then known as 'The Association of Music Teachers of Victoria Ltd'.