Membership Information

Membership Benefits

  • Website Listing: Individual members receive an ongoing advertisement in the VMTA 'Find a Music Teacher' directory.
  • Post Nominals: Use the letters 'MVMTA' after your name as evidence of your professional accreditation*
  • Professional Development and Events: Masterclasses, student concerts, workshops and conferences. Members may attend these events at a discounted rate. Only students of VMTA members may participate in masterclasses and student concerts unless otherwise advertised.
  • Publications: Receipt of the VMTA's half-yearly publication Music and the Teacher magazine and the monthly eNews. Members and subscribers receive a 10% discount when advertising in these publications.
  • Post-Nominals: Full members can place the letters MVMTA after their name as evidence of their fully accredited membership status. Associate, Graduate and Student members can apply to be upgraded at any time providing they can meet the full membership criteria.
  • Social & Networking Opportunities: The VMTA provides opportunities to socialise and network with other VMTA members, e.g. our annual end-of-year celebration.
  • Discounts: Members receive discounts on purchases at affiliated music stores and special consideration at selected retail outlets. They also receive a discount on the hire of our Schimmel grand piano housed in Richmond Uniting Church.
* fully accredited members only

Membership types

Full Membership

A Full Member shall be aged 18 years or over. Full membership may be granted at the discretion of the VMTA Council to teachers or accompanists who fulfil some or more of the following requirements:

  • have taught their discipline for at least 3 years OR have worked professionally as an accompanist for at least 3 years
  • this must include at least 1 year of teaching/accompanying in Australia
  • have satisfied the Council that the applicant is a qualified teacher of music/accompanist, having completed a course of study approved by the Council

Associate Membership

An Associate Member shall be a person who is aged 18 years or over and must:

  • be currently teaching music and has taught music for a minimum of 12 months but is otherwise ineligible for Full Membership

Graduate Membership

A Graduate Member shall be a person who is aged 18 years or over and:

  • has completed a tertiary course in music and/or music teaching, approved by the Council

Student Membership

A Student Member shall be a person who is aged 16 years or over and:

  • has satisfied the Council that they are enrolled full time in a music course, approved by the Council
  • has been enrolled in such course not more than 6 years

Honorary Life Membership

An Honorary Life Member is a person who has performed outstanding service for the community or the Association and has been awarded this special distinction by the Council of the Association.

School Membership*

School membership is available to:

  • any state government school
  • any non-government registered school

School members will receive:

  • two hard copies of the VMTA publication Music and the Teacher to share amongst their staff 
  • an email copy of the publication sent to all music staff with an email address
  • monthly eNews sent to all music staff with an email address
  • all staff at the school will receive a 10% discount when attending VMTA professional learning events
  • students of the school may participate in masterclasses and student concerts
  • individual teachers from these schools who elect to become Full or Associate Members of the VMTA will be exempt from the joining fee
  • School Members also receive other information about VMTA events

Affiliated Organisation Membership*

This category is open to organisations that would like to be affiliated with the VMTA. Benefits include the monthly eNews, Music and the Teacher magazine, discounted advertising in our publications, ongoing presence on our website (including organisation name and logo), discounted hire of our Schimmel grand piano housed at Richmond Uniting Church, networking opportunities, and discounted attendance at professional learning events for interested staff.

Magazine Subscription*

People in Australia and overseas may subscribe to the VMTA's half-yearly publication, 'Music and the Teacher'. Magazine subscribers who provide an email address will also receive the monthly eNews by electronic distribution.

*Under the VMTA's constitution, only natural persons can be individual members of the VMTA and only individual members can vote on issues where a poll or ballot is required. Individual membership applies to full, associate, graduate, student and life members only.

Application forms for the various membership types.